Operation Womp Rat

Under Siege

Make some noise!

Rebel Command assigned the team a brutally simple task. Cause a diversion, so as to allow another team to investigate a facility under the control of General Weiss.

“If they send any calls for help – good! If they don’t, then you aren’t making enough noise,” the teams commander informed the squad.

Having cleared the facility and barricaded the doors, the team prepared to hold out long enough for the other mission to succeed.

The first wave of Imperials crashed against the barricades and fell easily enough. Even the E-Web Engineer failed to inflict much damage. “No problem,” Fenn said with a grin. “We got this.”

Then an explosion rocked the bunker. Stormtroops poured out of the woods, and an E-Web gunner burst through one of the blocked doors and started laying down fire. The Imperials quickly began securing rooms, as the team desperately tried to hold on for just a few more minutes.

The team’s commander comlinks that the other team is on the way out. The squad figures if they can just hold out a bit longer, any extra diversion would make their escape easier. But then, in disbelief, Mak watches as the terrifying figure of Darth Vader, himself, strides in through the carnage.


Imperial forces charge into the compound, and the team is unable to hold them back any longer. But they are hopeful the time they bought the other strike team will be enough, and disengage, carrying out their wounded.

After being extracted, the team learns from their commander that the other team’s raid was successful. Weiss is developing a weapon that makes Rebel High Command very nervous. She’s sure your team will be called upon soon to find out more…

Next Story Mission

Imperial Hospitality

Side Missions Available

Luxury Cruise Celebration Binary Revolution


  • Imperial Player: 2 XP, 1 Influence
  • Rebel Players: 2 XP each, 600 credits (400 mission, 200 crates)

Rebel players spent 400 credits on E-11 for Mak Eshka’rey.
Balance: 450 credits



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