Operation Womp Rat

Arriving at the outpost, the Rebels open fire upon the troops standing guard. The team suspects the Imperials knew they were coming and they were walking into a trap. But all the same, with the signal continuing to broadcast, there just wasn’t time for a more subtle approach.

As the Rebels blasted their way into the compound, they were met by fierce fire from an E-Web Engineer. Mak Eshka’rey rushed forward to draw the cannon’s fire, allowing his teammates time to close in and finish off the turret. Unfortunately, Mak collapsed under fire and was unable to continue.

The Imperials reinforced the shielding on the terminals, and the Rebels raced against the clock. Only one terminal remained, and as Gaarkhan closed in to silence the beacon, a lone Probe Droid appeared from the command room, momentarily increasing the terminal’s shields. The Wookie swung, but despite a resounding strike, the beacon did not fail.

Imperial soldiers poured out of the forest on all sides; the beacon had done its job, and the Rebels were forced to run, carrying Mak with them.

With so many of the Imperial survivors getting organized, Rebel ground troops would surely have their hands full in the coming days.

Imperials Win

Next Story Mission

Under Siege

Side Missions Available

Viper's Den Luxury Cruise


  • Imperial Player: 1 XP, 2 Influence
  • Rebel Players: 1 XP each, 450 credits (400 mission, 50 crate)

Rebel players spent 300 credits on Armored Gauntlets for Diala Passil.
Balance: 150 credits

Imperial player bought Surgical Strike class card.



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