Operation Womp Rat

Viper's Den

Contacting an informant of ill repute

A distress call was received by Rebel High Command. An informant of ill repute, Weyn Jarl, swears he has acquired sensitive information regarding Imperial troop movements.

Viper's Den

Jarl has proven untrustworthy in the past, but his information could be useful, could even be worth the risk that trusting him represents…

The team departed for Tatooine with all due haste. Mak recovered en route. As they approached, they picked up a desperate transmission from Jarl.

“Uh. can you guys hurry up? I’m in some trouble here…” Jarl’s voice was weak. And that was hours ago. Unfortunately, by the time the team arrived, Imperial forces were crawling throughout the area, likely searching for the same information for which the Rebel strike force had come.

Repeated attempts to contact Jarl proved fruitless. The Rebels approached the meeting place, only to find it surrounded by Imperial forces. At least the doors were still locked, but the Imperial troopers were accompanied by some Trandoshan Hunters and a fierce Nexu.

As the Rebels engaged the Nexu and the Trandoshans, the Imperials set themselves to entering the building. The E-Web Engineer made quick work of the northernmost door, and the Imperials flooded inside.

E-Web Engineer

The Nexu leapt over Gaarkhan and growled as he slashed at Mak. As the rest of the team engaged the raging cat-beast, Gaarkhan raced forward to smash the Stormtroopers. Unfortunately, the door now open, the E-Web Engineer slung his cannon around, and rained fire down upon the battling wookie. The combined fire of the Troopers and the tripod brought the wookie down.

The Rebels, though, dealt with the Nexu and Trandoshans, and were ready to move in as the Imperials attempted to move the probe droid data core to safety out of Rebel hands. Although a fierce firefight ensued, the arrival of a second Nexu, commanded by a veteran Imperial Officer, proved too much for the Rebels. Diala made a valiant last effort to secure the data core, but, in the end, the Imperials made their escape, and our heroes had to withdraw….

Next Story Mission

Under Siege

Side Missions Available

Luxury Cruise Celebration Binary Revolution


  • Imperial Player: 1 XP, 3 Influence
  • Rebel Players: 1 XP each, 400 credits (400 mission)

Rebel players spent 300 credits on Tactical Display for Fenn Signis.
Balance: 250 credits

Imperial player bought Savage Weaponry class card.
Imperial player bought Binary Revolution Side Mission.



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